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Texture Mediums: Acrylic Modeling Paste

modeling paste The Modeling paste (sometimes called structure paste) is a heavy-textured paste often used by artists for creating a textured ground for painting, for collages or for creating relief effects.

Using this medium will thicken the paint and allow the artist to create interesting effects by spreading, scraping, scratching or smoothing the paste.

The paste dries to a hard surface which the artist can cut, carve and sanded once it is thoroughly dry.

It can be used to create different textures and shapes while the paste is wet, or it can be mixed with acrylic colours or pigments and used as an extender for increased volume.

The Modeling paste can also be used as a surface texture material and be over-painted with oil or acrylic colours.

Modeling paste should be applied to clean, rigid, absorbent and non-oily surfaces and should be allowed to dry thoroughly between layers to avoid cracking.

Different materials like sand, wood, metals, crystals can also be added into the paste for further effect.

Acrylic Modeling Paste samples mixed with acrylic paint

modeling paste

Acrylic Gel
with blue
modeling paste

Acrylic Gel
with magenta
modeling paste

Acrylic Gel
with yellow

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