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Texture Gallery - Using fibres from Palm trees

This texture was created with a layer of acrylic gesso, fibres from a palm tree stem, acrylic paint and a sheet of acrylic paper.

Paper strips

Detailed close-up

First, a thick layer of acrylic gesso was applied to a sheet of acrylic paper.

While the gesso was still wet, torn pieces of dry palm tree fibres were spread randomly on top, arranged into the desired design.

The fibres were lightly pressed into the gesso, and left to dry for an hour. (time depending on room temperature)

A layer of Titanium white acrylic paint was then applied on top, covering the whole surface.

Next a wash of Yellow Ochre was painted over the texture, covering the whole surface.

After the paint layer was dry, a wash of Raw Umber mixed with Burnt Sienna was applied on top.

Artist Notes:
A painting knife or a piece of cardboard can be used to flatten and arrange the materials on the surface.

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